Here is the compilation of my flash work and some design stuff back in high school. Approximately 6 years ago.They are chronologically lined out starting from the newest to the oldest.Right back to when i was using flash 4 ;)

[1] - [EnhancedCv.rar | Sky ]

Last intense Flash i did.3 years ago.A compilation of my previous work to try to apply for a flash placement in ASTRO Malaysia. but in the end i didnt send it in .Coz i think i was'nt good enough yet.(-_-)"

thats why its in .exe format. wanted to make sure they could see it.Didnt want to take my chances.lol I could'nt find back the original .FLA file so this would be the only format available for viewing. Iv zipped it up so that all the other related files are packaged together.Just clicked on the enhancedbio.exe file once u have unzipped it.
Enjoy ;)

[2] - [ N2.html | Sky ]

Another portfolio site i setup just for fun. did it mostly in macintosh. Well basically most of my things back then was done in Mac. It was actually made to test out draggable and collapsable characteristics.

Ps: if it doesnt play.Right click and press play.

[3] - [ Blender.swf | Sky ]

haha This was made for a friend "**" who wanted to use it for her assignment on multimedia i think... and it was about fruits! haha. so i just modified it and put my first portfolio up.But the links in this thing doesnt work.Just have a look for fun !

Ps: if it doesnt play.Right click and press play.

[4] - [ Neo.swf | Sky ]

2nd animation i did with flash. A scene in MATRIX 1 where Trinity and Neo went in to some building to create ultimate chaos HAHA. Have a look this is fun!I used sounds from Counter Strike! ;) i had lots of fun doing this. Lookin back wondering why i stopped.

This is actually best viewed in EnhancedCv here u can see the sides... so i recommend downloading EnhancedCv for best or just right click and save it to your desktop and run with the flash player

[5] - [ Millenium | Sky ] [ mainpage.html | Sky]

This was also a site i made for a friend.Pretty elaborate site. I loved the main interface and the intro site. The links on this things arent working coz they were linking to the free server sites, i think it was lycos or fireangel or something like that.bcoz the links are embeded in the swf there is noway for me to edit them. And i keep losing my .flas for this stuff i donno why.

Oh yeah and i forgot to mention its a site about Backstreet Boys's millenium album.

[6] - [ SMKBBSP | Sky ]

One of the first Flash based things i did. It was for my high school website. Which we were the pioneers.;p

Unpublished AS [Flash]

This is the unpublished version of Aspirasi Awansari .This is the flash version which was abandon. As during the time Malaysia broadband wasnt up to standard yet. Streamyx wasnt widely available and introduced yet therefore the loading time for a flash based website wasnt acceptable. Therefore the html version was created instead as can be seen at www.aspirasi.com.my

[ ASV2.swf | Sky ]


some old cover page.