PrettyClub 2006 [Photoshop]

Logo Design,
WebSite Layout Design
Done in Photoshop.

Image Processing II [Matlab Image Processing][Flash]

elec4600 - Signal and Image Processing.
There were 5 Assignments all together in this subject.
Shown below is 2 of the more interesting assignments.

1. Detecting Road Lines with Hough Transform and some custom filtering

Result from Hough Transform Algorithm.
Lines are then selected based on some distinctive characteristic.

Remaining lines are then used to find the vanishing point.
The vanishing point is then used to do more line selection filtering.
Which gives the final result seen on the right below.

2. Blood Vessel Size - (Uses the Snake Method).

Detection from 10 still images
Using the snake or rubber band idea,
where a shrinking band is used to wrap
the outer layer of the vessel ,and an expanding
band is used to outline the inner layer of the vessel.
This is repetitively implemented on 10 images
of the blood vessel. which is then wrapped together
to produced a short clip seen here in a flash file.