EnviroMission Windpower [ Flash ]

This was an assignment i did for my diploma in Computer System engineering in informatics.

I was to examine pros and cons of each wind system designed. Do research and provide an original and feasible wind power design that will meet the demand of today power consumptions. Due to my belief that depending on the wind generated by nature is insufficient i have based the research largely on the air-thermal wind power system .Where enviro-mission has one planning to be built in australia and it is now in the 3rd planning stage.

>> Wind Power Research Word Document

>> Click here to have a look at the enviro-mission
air-thermal wind power website.

The website also has video by Beyond 2000 about the experimental one build in manzares,Spain near madrid. It was funded by the German Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT).

Based on the model i have conceptually designed 3 different ways on improving the system.

Here i will dicuss briefly on the 3 conceptual ideas in the presentation please have a look at the presentation of the links above to understand the basic model first.

  1. The first idea was to put the model on a water source like a lake or seaside. The idea was to use the water as heat keeper to be released back at night and also take advantage of the water condensating at the rooftop where a water catchment built to draw evaporated water.Therefore we have both power and clean water as these water does not contain any mineral properties it would suit industrial and toilet water usage.
  2. The second one is based on the scientist Victor Scharberger this is a bit hard to explain thus is best explained in the flash presentation .This idea floats around very complex idea close to free power. As this is just based on my understanding i could be wrong. Therefore would need you to read through about Victor Scharberger's work and see if what i theorized here is right.. Feedback on this would be cool
  3. This is my favourite as i see the idea pretty feasible .This one is very well explained in the flash presentation.It also uses the idea from Victor about twirling winds .

Here are the links to all my research and all the links above are repeated here for easy navigation.

+ Wind Power Research Word Document
+ Flash Presentation Wind power
+ Enviro Mission
+ Viktor schauberger

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