Organism growth visualisation [JAVA]

requires newest Java to run (1.5.0...)

1 - Algorithms and Data structures [organism.rar]

This assignment was basically trying to create a program (uses hash table system) that shows how an organism grows starting from a single cell.

Further explanation of the use of the program and how the program works ,AFTER MY EXAMS haha so for now here is the sample of the program. with some sample organism rule.
The program takes the rule and grows the organism in 2d .

Also take note this is just a basic system as the growth of the organism is much more complex and butterfly transforms from a catterpillar and doesnt grow from a single cell lol.

Any how check out my SuperButterfly it was a bonus question. and there was extra marks for flair.. so i went crazy with it haha.

PLEASE read the README.TXT to see how to use my program. please email me or message me if u need help with running this program ;)

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